Podcast-Inspired Blogs

What if you could create more value and growth from one podcast episode?

Copywriting for Entrepreneurs

Facts of Podcasting

Fact: While Increasing, a Minority of Americans (21%) listen to podcasts.

Takeaway Point: A large part of your potential audience doesn’t know about you yet.

Fact: The number of podcast shows increase each year.

Takeaway Point: You need to stand out!

Fact: 34% of podcast listeners most often listen on a computer.

Takeaway Point: With a keyboard at their fingertips, your audience is awaiting your command.

PEW Research Center Podcasting

In other words, there is huge NEED and OPPORTUNITY to expand your podcast’s reach.


Grow your business with shareable blogs based on your podcast episodes and:


Attract new listeners to your show and website

Provide more resources for current listeners

Make guests thought leaders on important topics

Enhance the community you’re creating

best podcast show notes podcast content

Podcast-Inspired Blogs

What: Shareable Blogs Based on Podcast Episodes

With this content marketing strategy, I create a blog based on the conversation you have with guests on your show or the insights you share on your own. For example, if the episode topic is Productivity and Working From Home, I might create a blog on 5 Ways to be Productive While Working From Home with [Guest or Podcaster].

Why: Reach More of Your Ideal Audience

Podcasts can be difficult to share. By creating a blog based on your podcast episode, you’ll get more people to your website. From there, your new audience can find the podcast and the work that you do.

See Them for Yourself!

Podcast-Inspired Blogs LIVE

7 Ways to Nurture Subscribers with Hayley Richardson

I know the value in what I'm creating and how much additional value could be created through re-purposing my content. With Rachel, I have additional epic content to share that reflects my brand, takes my podcast content further and provides new value to my audience. Rachel was excellent at nailing my voice fast and she has the fastest turnaround so I know I can rely on her as a part of my growing team. I have absolute confidence recommending Rachel to people who want to grow the reach of their podcast and their content and make their marketing work more efficiently.
Katie Wyatt
Empire By Design
As a podcaster, I prefer blabbing over writing any day! Which is why I was so delighted to discover Rachel and her services. She’s able to take my podcast episodes, pull out the key messages/takeaways and turn them into amazingly organized and engaging blog posts that my audience is just LOVING! She’s saved me a TON of time and leaves me with beautifully crafted blog posts that are one million times better than anything I’d ever create on my own.
Nicole Murphy
Learn to Love Email Podcast
It's so great to have your content digestible in multiple formats as I have readers, listeners, and video watchers and they all have their preference in how they consume content and learn. Consider converting those audio files and podcasts into blog posts. Rachel is self-motivated and doesn't need direction to turn a piece of audio content into a great blog post.  It was a quick turnaround and she was able to take the educational pieces out of the audio recording and organize them into an informative blog post.
Tess Wicks
Words and Money Podcast

Steps to Your Podcast-Inspired Blog

1.Send me the episode of your choice-recent or past.

2.Choose a focus topic or let me decide.

3.I’ll write the blog within 5 business days and send it to you.

4.Publish and share the blog on social media.

5.Send the blog to your guest and ask them to share it.

6.Watch as readers come and your audience increases!


Anatomy of a Podcast-Inspired Blog

Eye-Catching Title

With my knowledge of SEO and writing to get attention, the title will be both useful and attractive.

Guest Feature

For episodes that feature guests, I’ll include their name and business in the title. This will make the blog stand out and illustrate authority.

Insight Shared

I’ll take the main topic discussed and break it into several actionable and helpful points. A summary of the top points discussed will he useful to listeners and new audience members.


Within the article, I’ll include meaningful quotes that show you or your guest as a thought leader. These quotes can also be used as social media clips.

Link to the Podcast

Embed the podcast at the end or link to the related episode’s show notes and you’ll send new audience member’s to your show.

Share-Worthy Show Notes

Hi you! I’m so happy you’re here.

It’s podcasters like you that make my day. I love listening to your brilliant conversations and transforming them into actionable blogs for your audience.

My career has taken me from SEO to crowdfunding to freelance writing and at last, I’m here where I belong. With my experience learning how to write for major growth and turning interviews into articles, I’ve been perfectly prepped to create a content marketing strategy for you, you beautiful podcaster. 

I’ve helped numerous companies go from zero to thousands in months, and I’ve applied the strategies that I learned with working for them, to the world of podcasting. 

I absolutely adore what you do and I want more people to learn about it! By adding just one podcast-inspired blog a month, you’ll start to see your podcast and business grow. It’s all about getting new audience members to your site, and then the fun (and conversions) begin!

Are Podcast-Inspired Blogs For You?

This could be the next great step to building your business if:

You want tangible results, most importantly more people to your site, and you want it fast. 

You crave a supportive community of audience members who resonate with your work.

You’re ready for a strategy that will drive your business goals AND fit with your brand.

You want to share more of your guests and uplift them to thought leader status.

You wish you could cross off creating a growth strategy from your to-do list.

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