Your podcast is the starting point for many of your new audience members, but it shouldn’t be the end. To have a devoted audience you need to create a podcast community. As a person, you aren’t one-sided. Your business shouldn’t be one-sided either. Your business needs to be multi-dimensional in order to reach a wide audience.

Creating a podcast community increases the number of touch points you have with your audience.

So how do you create this virtual home for your listeners?

How to Create a Podcast Community

1.Facebook Group

The easiest place to start to create a podcast community is a Facebook group. It’s free! Completely and wonderfully free! Your podcast Facebook group is a place where you have conversations with your audience and facilitate connections between your listeners. If you think about it, on your podcast you’re speaking at your audience. The Facebook group is where they get to talk back and share their opinion. Even if you have a small podcast following, a Facebook group can still be valuable. Your listeners will get to connect with you in an intimate space and feel like they have you all to themselves! One of my favorite podcast Facebook groups is the Biz Chix Coop.

2.Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offers a unique opportunity for podcasters because it enables your audience to see more of you. Just like there’s a special connection that comes when your audience hears your voice whispering in their ear, there’s a special connection when your audience sees you, especially in a one-on-one format like Instagram Stories. This platform is your chance to be completely yourself, and show your audience what your real day-to-day life is like.

3. Newsletter

Please tell me you have a newsletter! This is a vital part of what you need to do to create a podcast community. Your listeners might not be checking out their podcast app regularly and if they aren’t aware of your new episode, they might not notice it come out at all. This is why you’ve got to remind them of what you’re up to. Life can be so busy that if you aren’t connecting with your audience in various places, they won’t remember you. Give them a hand and keep in touch via email. 


While similar to Instagram Stories, this point focuses on more visual connection. In case your listeners aren’t obsessed with Instagram Stories like me, they may be missing out on that look into your life. Or maybe you’re just not a fan of using Instagram to promote your podcast. Either way, there are a number of ways to create a podcast community around video. For one, you’ve got Facebook live. This can be a fun way to check in and talk to your listeners in an even more personal way than through comments. Youtube is also a strategy to consider. Recording video of your podcast interviews and putting them on Youtube is another way to increase the size of your audience. I love how the Visibility Vixen does this!

5. Live Events

Imagine the thrill of meeting your favorite podcaster or industry leader in person. That’s what your audience will feel at a live event! If you’ve had audience members mention how cool a meetup would be, why not try it? You can even create a Google survey to gauge interest and find out where your audience is. Vacation with a side of business? Yes please. It can be so fun to meet the people who support you around the world.




How to Create a Podcast Community: Connect with Your Audience + Grow Your Biz

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