Repurpose with Me

Your Audience Wants More of You,

 But you don’t have time to write.

Don’t Give Up If You Feel Like:

Writing for your business just isn’t your thing

You can’t find the motivation to get the words out

You should sharing content, but you don’t feel like writing it.

Repurpose with Rachel | Content Writing for Creative Entrepreneurs

You share incredible content without writing at all

You get more value out of content you’ve already created

You grow your audience with quality content they really want

You become a thought leader in your space just. like. that.

Content Writing for Female Entrepreneurs

A writing service that repurposes your content into audience-building blogs, guides, and e-books.

You already have your ideas out there, so why spend the time creating them all over again? When you repurpose with me, you won’t have to spend one torturous minute staring at a blank doc.

All you have to do is send me the content you want to repurpose. This could be a webinar, a Youtube video, an e-course, or a sales page. Tell me what you want to create with your content and then I’ll use my repurposing formula to take your words and turn them into high-quality written content. This isn’t a transcription. You’ll find that a straight transcription doesn’t make for a great read.

I take your ideas and your voice and transform them into content your audience will love to read!

By repurposing your content you’ll reach potential customers you wouldn’t have otherwise (not everybody watches webinars or Youtube videos). You’ll connect with your ideal clients who consume most of their content through reading. AND you’ll form deeper connections with the audience you already have. You’ll increase the value of what you teach by converting it to another form of content where it’s easily shared and consumed.


These are the Simple Steps to Repurpose with Me:

1. Send me your content

2. Tell me what to repurpose it into

3. Let me work my repurposing formula

4. Get back a ready-to-share piece of quality content!


Content Repurposing for Entrepreneurs

Let’s Repurpose Your…


Into a Bonus How-To Guide

 Blog Series

 Bank of Facebook Posts


Into a Passive-Income Boosting Ebook

A Calendar of Blogs for the Next 3 Months

Several Free Mini Courses


Into a Valuable Guide

New + Updated Workbooks

Content Upgrades


Into a Weekly Blog

Opt-In Guide

Social Media Quick Tip


Into a Brand New Sales Page

Bank of Promotional Tweets

Home Page Copy


Into an Audience-Building Blog

How to Guide

Opt-In Checklist

Copywriter for Female Entrepreneur

Packages + Investment

Package 1 – The Essential

What’s in it? 4 blogs each month delivered weekly

Share consistent content with your audience without writing. Problem solved.

Investment: $248/month, 3-6 month contracts available

Package 2 – The Do It For Me

What’s in it? 4 blogs, 4 blog update newsletters and 5 social media posts for each blog

Let me take care of your content needs with weekly deliveries of high quality, on brand content.

Investment: $480/month, 3-6 month contracts available

Package 3 – The Give Me Everything

What’s in it? 4 blogs, 4 blog update newsletters, 40 social media posts, and the option of a workbook opt-in each week, monthly mini-course, or agreed upon repurposing deliverable to grow your list! 

You have no time to waste, but you need content. I’ll take care of everything.

Investment: $695/month, 3-6 month contracts available

 One-Off Packages 

Want to start with a one-off project? I have a few spaces in my calendar for special projects like these. If you have something custom in mind, tell me about it here!

Webinar Repurposed

Send me your 60-90 min webinar and I’ll turn it into a opt-in guide OR blog series!

Make use of your valuable work. Let’s talk about how we can repurpose it.

Investment: $92

Facebook Live Repurposed

Have me turn your Facebook Live video into an audience-attracting blog.

Take advantage of the value you’ve live streamed and have it turned into written content. Start with one video or have me repurpose a whole set!

Investment: Based on project size and video length

Content Upgrade Creation

Give me the link to your most popular blog posts and I’ll work with you to create list-building content upgrades.

Add a checklist, action guide, or other eye-catching freebie to your popular blogs. I’ll check out the blogs, send you my content upgrade ideas, and create them!

Investment: $52/content upgrade

What My Clients Are Saying:



I know the value in what I'm creating and how much additional value could be created through re-purposing my content. With Rachel, I have additional epic content to share that provides new value to my audience. Rachel was excellent at nailing my voice fast. I know I can rely on her as a part of my growing team. I have absolute confidence recommending Rachel to people who want to grow the reach of their content and make their marketing work more efficiently.

Katie Wyatt
Empire By Design

I prefer blabbing over writing any day! Which is why I was so delighted to discover Rachel and her services. She’s able to take my podcast episodes, pull out the key messages/takeaways and turn them into amazingly organized and engaging blog posts that my audience is just LOVING! She’s saved me a TON of time and leaves me with beautifully crafted blog posts that are one million times better than anything I’d ever create on my own.

Nicole Murphy
Learn to Love Email

I’m Almost Booked!

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Repurpose Your Content

Your dream clients are waiting for you right now! You could be reaching twice as many people by increasing the type of content you share and the consistency. The good news is that you don’t need to do twice the work to do this.  Start reaching your goals this month and get the content you need to attract new audience members, build your list, and book your dream clients.

Repurpose with Me was Made for You IF:


You know you should be putting out more content, but you can’t find the time/motivation to do it.

You have all these ideas of content you want to create but haven’t gone through with creating them.

You want to reach more people without taking the time to create twice as much content.

You’re a good writer, but writing for your own business is hard!

Content Writer for Female Entrepreneur

What happens next?

Click here to fill out a quick application that will help me get to know you and your project. Prefer to talk? Schedule a 30 minute get to know you call. I’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days to get any information I need plus get access to your audio file.

How long does it take?

From our conversation, I’ll get started and get your repurposed content back to you within 3-10 business days. I’m currently booking out my schedule and will let you know when you can expect to get your content back.

Is this for me?

If your project doesn’t exactly match what I’ve listed above, don’t worry! I understand that content can be really unique. Go ahead and fill out an application or schedule a call and I’ll let you know if I’m the best fit for you.

How can I contact you for more information?

Let’s talk! Schedule a call with me to talk about your project and get all your questions answered.



I’m so excited to help you create more high-quality content for your audience.

Over years of copywriting, I’ve refined my skills and developed the expertise to help busy entrepreneurs create audience-building content based on the ideas and audio they already have.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Your amazing ideas are already out there. We just need to convert them into another format so that more of your ideal audience can find you. 

Is it time you finally had that opt-in, blog, ebook, etc you’ve been dreaming of?

Have your clients been asking for more? Do you know there’s greatness in your head or in your webinar that you need to let loose?

Let’s repurpose!