Repurposing can be used not only to turn one form of content into another (i.e. video to blog), but also to get new ideas for the same type of content. This blog is for the business owners who struggle coming up with idea after idea for their next blog post.

What if you could plan out new blog ideas for the next 3 months? Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, you can! 

Using these 5 repurposing hacks, I’ll show you how you can get new blog ideas for your content calendar from the blogs you’ve already created! A finished blog isn’t one and done. It can inspire so much more.

Alright, let’s do this!


5 Ways to Get New Blog Ideas From Your Previous Posts


1. Create a Companion

This one uses a piggy-back technique. What you want to do is look at your previous blogs and ask yourself, “How can I help my audience take the next step? How can I give them a complete picture on this topic?” 

If you’ve written a post about how to do something, write one about why to do it or compare different ways to do it. From this very blog, I could create a companion blog of how I’ve actually gotten new blog ideas from old posts and illustrate that in a case study type format. You have so much that can inspire you in the posts you’ve already written!


2. Put Together a Resource Roundup

This one might be new for you if you’ve never done a roundup before. If you have, try doing it in a different way. For this technique, take one blog you did and create a blog of links to other resources that help your readers take action.

For example, if you wrote a post on why a healthy breakfast is important, you could share a roundup of your favorite breakfast recipes in a new blog. Or if you’ve written a post about the steps to doing your own bookkeeping, you could create a roundup of must-have resources.

New Blogs Ideas for the Busy Entrepreneur

3. Get Inspired to Spin

You might have a different perspective on a topic you wrote about 4 months ago. Look at the topics you’ve covered – whether it be self-care or managing your schedule – and think about something you’ve recently learned that has given you a new perspective.

You might be inspired by a book, TED talk, or podcast to think about a subject in a different way. By comparing and contrasting different ideas to this topic, you might help someone learn something new.


4. Talk Back

Maybe you’ve read something that fires back against what you said. Did you read an article on an opposing point of view or get comments that were less than agreeable? Prove why these contrasting opinions are wrong (in a nice way 🙂 ) on your blog.

You can turn a friendly debate into a blog series. Share why some people think a certain way and why you think differently. If you’re respectful to the other person and accept their freedom of opinion, you might just make a new acquaintance. And you don’t have to point someone out in particular either. Talk about a trend you’re seeing and say why you disagree with it. 


5. Compile a Guide

This technique is similar to the roundup but focuses on your own content. Have you written multiple articles around one topic? Create a new blog putting them all in the same space to help out your readers! 

I could do this by creating a complete guide to repurposing content or a complete guide to brainstorming new content. If you’re in coaching, you could compile all your blogs with advice on a certain topic. Doesn’t this sound helpful!


P.S. Put your most popular blogs through all these steps to ensure that your new ideas will bring in an interested audience! 


How to Get New Blog Ideas By Repurposing Old Posts