So you’ve submitted your video on Youtube, you’re ready to share the link on social media, and then you’re done. But if you want to really utilize the content you’ve created to reach more of your audience, you’ll want to check out these 5 things you should do after you publish a video.

When you create valuable content, it shouldn’t be one and done. By taking a few strategic actions, you can get so much more out of your hard work. 

1. Repurpose Your Video into a Blog

You might put up your video on your website with a short intro, and with the regular videos you put up you reach a certain audience of your ideal clients. But what about your ideal clients who don’t like to watch videos? What about the audience that prefers to read a blog?

You can serve BOTH people who like to watch videos and people who like to read blogs when you repurpose your video into a blog. 

After you publish a video, a first step is to put a transcription under your video. Once you’re ready to get really serious about reaching more people and providing truly valuable content, you’ll want to add a blog. Seriously, when’s the last time you read a transcript? They just don’t translate very well. You need to write your video content in a way that has the flow and organization of a blog. And hey, if you need help, you can check out how I repurpose content.

2. Send it To Your Email List

Don’t forget to send your new video to your email list, but make sure you do it in a personal way. Tell them a funny behind the scenes fact and why this topic is important. Connect with them in a more personal way.  

I like to send the freebie I’m giving away straight to my email subscribers so they don’t have to go through signing up. Think about what you can do to make the email special and get your audience to watch. 

3. Create a Bank of On Topic Videos

Few audience members are going to go back through your video archives and watch every video you’ve done in order, especially new audience members. Make it easy for people to find all your videos on a certain topic in a bank. Turn it into a guide or helpful resource and you can even use it as a list-building tool.

Say you wanted to learn about email sequences. What if there was a link to a series of videos all about this topic? You can do that with your own content!

4. Make a Content Upgrade

For some reason, content upgrades seem to go more organically with blogs, but you do not want to miss these with your videos. Mention a content upgrade in your video, put a link in the Youtube description and add it to your blog. List-building is one of the most important things you can do for your business, especially if you’re on the hunt for passive income.

5. Use it For Facebook Live

Are you tired of hearing about Facebook Live yet? I hope not! We all know it’s huge for business right now. If you’re scrambling for ideas of what to share, why not use your video as a guide. Talk about the same subject and answer questions or share the next step and use the video as a jumping off point for the topic of your Facebook Live.

Your content can really inspire your Facebook Live. And why not share more on the topic that your audience is already thinking about?


5 Things to Do After You Publish a Video to Reach Way More People