Facebook thinks your live videos are pretty nifty and they’ve been great for your audience on the platform, but what if you could do more with that content you spent so much time creating?

I like to think creatively about repurposing here and today, I’m thinking about Facebook live in your business. You see, those videos you created are gold! They can be used for so much more than one-off live streams online.

Check out what more you can create with the Facebook live videos you ALREADY HAVE!

1.Weekly Blogs

This one comes first because it’s one of the best places to build your business – consistent blogs! So Facebook lives are your jam. You’re a bubbly, camera-ready CEO and your words flow on a live video. Or maybe you’ve partnered with your biz bestie or industry colleagues to do an interview series. The point is, you have fantastic content here that you can so easily turn into weekly blogs. I’ve done this with live videos from 6 to 45 minutes long. As long as you have value to convey to your audience, you’re ready to convert your facebook live videos into weekly blogs (and I just happen to offer this repurposing service 😉 ).  

2. Evergreen Webinars

Did you know you can host a webinar from your Facebook live video? Yep, it’s true. Host your next big live video as a webinar and you can save it to re-use as an evergreen content upgrade for new audience members. Sound too good to be true? I don’t think so 🙂 From one video you get a Facebook live, webinar, and content upgrade. How do you like them apples?

3. Content Upgrades

Speaking of content upgrades, there is so much you can do to create them from live videos. Aren’t content upgrades one of the most difficult things to do? You go through all this work to create your content and then you have to create more content to build your list. Man, that is hard work! But here’s the thing, you can take a shortcut and use your Facebook live videos to create a content upgrade. Your Facebook live might become a 5 step guide, helpful checklist, cheat sheet, or case study. It all comes from the live videos you’ve already created. Bam!

4. Course Material

You could use Facebook live in your business as lessons in your upcoming course. Or even bonuses! Workbooks come pretty naturally from anything you teach. You could use them as a content upgrade, ebook addition, or stuff for your course. It is so much easier to create course material with the help of videos you’ve done already. So many successful entrepreneurs use the content they’ve already created in videos and blogs for their courses. A course is just nicer packaging with extra value included. Save your sanity and repurpose the content you have when you’re creating a course.


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4 New Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business