Video is obviously huge for growing your business right now, but how do you come up with ideas for Facebook Live consistently? The trick here is that you already have the ideas. They’re just in another form.

By taking the info from content you’ve already created and repurposing them, you can plan out topics for Facebook Live weeks in advance.

So let’s take a look at the content you have to get ideas for Facebook Live!

1.Your Blogs

Go to your blog page and look back through your posts for Facebook Live ideas! You might be surprised at what you come up with. You can start by sharing the same points or tips you share in the blog and then open it up to a Q&A or go onto another point related to your blog. 

Your audience on Facebook probably hasn’t read every single one of your posts in detail (who does?) and even if they have, your Facebook Live will be a good refresher. Think about it. When you have a teacher you really love, you want to get as much of them as you can, right? You never know what will click the second or third time you learn about something.

2. Social Media Posts

You know those lengthy posts you sometimes share on Facebook? Those are perfect jumping off points for Facebook Live. Say you have a long post written to grab the attention of potential clients, use that to promote an open spot or program launch. 

Did you tell a story in a Facebook group that would make a great live video? Share it! Your words are so much more personal when you share them live. 

3. Podcasts

Have your own podcast? Or have you ever been interviewed on one? Go back through those episodes to find ideas for Facebook Live. Even a 5-minute segment on 1 idea can inspire a helpful Live video. 

You can even get inspired by someone else’s podcast you listened to. Did you learn something you could share with your audience? Did a topic really get you thinking? Take inspiration from the podcasts you listen to for fun and mention/tag them in your video. You might even make a new friend!

4. Youtube Videos

Have you created Youtube videos for your business? Double their use and talk about the same topic on Facebook Live. You don’t have to repeat what you said word for word, but even if you did, your audience members would get value out of it! 

Take your video’s topic and talk about how to take the next step or how to get started. Ask your audience if they have questions about the topic. Give an example from your own business or life. Do something simple to spice up your videos and you’ll have plenty of ideas ready to go.

5. Workbooks

What if you went through a workbook step-by-step with your audience?! Pull one out of an old course or opt-in and use it as your Facebook Live guide.

You know that action is what leads to results, so help your audience get there by telling them how. You can help them with additional questions they may have and motivate them to take action.

6. Webinars

There are hundreds of potential ideas for Facebook Live in your webinars. Go back through and write out what different things you talk about. For example, you might start out with why this topic is important. Share that in your Live! Give a quick guide of the tips or steps you give or go in-depth on one point. 

Every question someone asked during the Q&A could be turned into a topic. Lady, you are loaded with Facebook Live ideas.

7. Freebies

Why not talk about a freebie you’ve created and how your audience can use it? Plus, if you promote it, you’ll be taking a step toward growing your email list. You can talk about what your freebie is for, where to start, and how to use it. 

Everybody likes getting a super special freebie. Try it with your audience!

We need your help! Share your ideas for Facebook Live in the comments below.



Out of Ideas for Facebook Live? Use these 7 Repurposing Hacks