Is creating your own content one of the biggest pains of being a business owner? It seems like there’s just a special few who have the motivation to happily do it for themselves each week. That’s why I love repurposing. When you already have fantastic content out there, you don’t have to waste your time trying to come up with something interesting each week.

Here’s the deal: you can repurpose the podcast episodes you’ve been a guest on into blogs!

My work is all about repurposing so I work with a lot of podcasters to turn their shows into blogs they can release each week. But you don’t have to have your own podcast to utilize this repurposing hack. If you’ve ever been a podcast guest, you can recycle the tips you shared on each episode into an audience-building blog.

Think of it this way – If you’ve been on 1-4 podcasts, you could have content for a whole month of blogs. If you’ve been a podcast guest for 5-8 podcasts, you could have blogs for the rest of the summer!

This is an amazing hack particularly if you find it hard to sit down and create content each week. You don’t have to go crazy brainstorming ideas, you can take them from the value you’ve already shared.

How to Repurpose Podcast Guest Episodes into Blogs

Let’s get on to the good stuff of how this works.

1. Make a list of the podcast episodes

Find all the episodes you’ve been a podcast guest on and get them together in one document so they’re easy to access. You’ll refer to this as you’re repurposing your content or send it to a writer (like me 🙂 ) to work with.

2. Listen for valuable points

As you go through each episode, listen to the tips and value you shared. Of course, your background story might be the same on every episode, but the podcast hosts probably asked you different questions. Pull out your answers and the value you shared to create a blog. Some points you shared could be enough to inspire a full blog if not…

3. Save your ideas to compile in a future blog

If a few of your ideas only amount to a couple of sentences, save them in an idea bank and come back to them later after you’ve been through all your blogs. You might hear something in another episode that will pair with a point perfectly or you can use the tip to later create a new blog.

4. Hand over the actual writing of the blog

This technique is awesome, but you still have to do the writing of the blog. Feel like taking a break from writing blogs every week (or not writing them…) and having high-quality content based on awesome podcast interviews to share with your audience? Hand over your content creation to me and I’ll use this repurposing technique to create blogs for you based on your podcast interviews.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, I’m offering a unique repurposing package just for your podcast interviews.

I will repurpose podcast episodes you’ve been a guest on into audience-building blogs for $48/blog. If you’ve been interviewed on at least 4 episodes, you could have blogs for the next 6 weeks!

Once you send me your podcast links, we’ll work out a schedule to get valuable, audience-building blogs delivered to you weekly or bi-weekly so you can share content with your tribe consistently.

I only have 4 spots available! Contact me by email or schedule a call.

Want a look inside a podcast-inspired blog? My business started with podcasters, so you could say this is a specialty of mine. See my podcast-inspired blog featuring Amy Porterfield’s Top Tips for Growing a Membership and a how-to on Facing Your Mental Limits for the Tough Girl Podcast.

I would love to learn more about you! Reach out to me and we’ll make a plan to create content consistently for your business.


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