The dreaded blank document. You really don’t want to do this. In fact, you can already feel the call of Facebook. But you know you should. You should be blogging. You should be creating content. You should have opt-ins and content upgrades.

You’re a talker, not a writer. But unfortunately writing is kind of required for an online business. What’s an entrepreneur to do? Get creative. In the new world of entrepreneurship, things aren’t black and white. To blog or not to blog? Nope, it’s how can I blog even though I don’t like to write? It’s working with someone who is gifted in talents that you aren’t because we were meant to work together. 

Your audience is ready to hear more from you. Are you ready to deliver? Look through these 5 ways to create content and get around writing to see what will fit best with your business. Because your words are too important to be kept to yourself!


1. Start in Your Comfort Zone

Your first instinct will be to avoid writing content altogether. That’s a good place to start. You need to get some kind of content out there, and if talking out your ideas is what works for you, do that. But eventually, you’ll be missing out on at least half of your potential audience because not everyone watches Youtube videos or listens to podcasts.

If your business is in the beginning phases (probably 6 months or less), focus on sharing your content in whatever way you can. You’re in luck because SEO is favoring video, so take advantage of your strengths to kickstart your content marketing efforts. But remember, this is just the beginning. 

2. Repurpose Audio You Already Have

Hallelujah! Now we’re on to the good stuff. So you have a bank of videos, webinars, podcasts, etc. What if you could get your content in front of twice as many people? These are the people who don’t watch videos or listen to long podcasts. They are in it for the goods. They want to read your content, extract value, and take action!

You can reach these members of your ideal audience by repurposing your audio content into written content like blogs, how-to guides, opt-ins, and more. If you’re saying, “Hold up. I thought there was no writing here.” You are perfectly right. You don’t have to spend your time writing or creating new content.

What you do is get a writer like me to repurpose your content. You hand over the link to your content (Youtube video, podcast episode, coaching call, whatever) and I’ll repurpose it into written content that will attract and please the segment of your ideal audience who prefers to read. I created my repurposing service just for people like you because I know you have great things to share. With my help, you’ll share that with more people. 

3. Record and Transcribe

If you want to create brand new content without having to write it there are creative ways to do that too. One way to do this is to simply record yourself and have it transcribed. If you’re going to do it this way, it helps if you have your thoughts together. Writing an outline before you record might help. Then you’ve just got to find yourself a good transcriptionist who will help you put your words to paper. If you get someone who is an editor too, you might get an even smoother finished product. I like to find transcriptionists on Upwork. You’ll get varying levels of experience there.

4. Call for Copy

So you want to create new content, but your ideas are kind of jumbled. Or maybe you’d just rather go over the details with a professional. This is why I created Call for Copy. This is where you can connect with me and tell me all your ideas and what you want to create. I’ll ask you questions to get the information I need and help clarify your ideas and then I’ll create the content you want to create. All in your brand and your voice.

If you’ve been meaning to update your sales page, finally write that blog, or get an opt-in on your site, this is a painless way to get it done and get it done well.

If writing isn’t your thing or it is and you just don’t have time, Call for Copy. I’d love to talk with you. 🙂

5. Get it Out and Get it Edited

Can’t wait another minute to get those ideas out? Let it all go and write down everything you can. So it’s jumbled and some of it doesn’t make sense, that’s ok. Do a brain dump and write down all your ideas. Write out the headline that’s been running circles around your head. List the points you want to make. Once it’s all out of there, hand it over to an editor who can turn your jumbled thoughts into a coherent, quality piece of content. That wasn’t so hard was it? And if you’re really ambitious, see if you can edit it yourself. The first step is just to get it out of your head in whatever way you can.




5 Ways to Create Content When You Don’t Like to Write


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